Beginner’s Guide to Being a Hunter on WoW

When making your character on World of Warcraft (WoW), there are ten classes to choose from, one of them being the hunter.

On the Horde side, Orcs, Trolls, Taurens, Goblins, Blood Elves, and Undead can all be Hunters, on the Alliance side, Humans, Night Elves, Dwarves, Worgen, and Draenei can be Hunters, making Gnomes the only race that can not play Hunters.

Hunters are a solely DPS (Damage per second) class that uses ranged and melee attacks, and the help of a pet to do damage.

Hunters can track and tame creatures throughout the game and also use the abilities of traps to devastate their opponent. Hunters do most of their damage with their range weapon(Gun, Bow, Crossbow) and very little with their melee weapon(Any melee weapon except wads and maces).

Hunters can wear either leather or cloth in the beginning and then mail at 40. Until you reach level 40 you should use just leather and not cloth, it would be much more beneficial.

There are certain things you need to learn about Hunters in the beginning that you can add to through exp later on in the game. Your pet, is your best friend when it comes to questing.

By keeping him on defensive every creature you attack or that attacks you he attacks as well. This is why you should keep him on defensive in the beginning, he will aggro, or grab the attention of, your target so that your target attacks him instead of you.

This allows you to back up and use your ranged weapon to do some major damage. As a hunter you want to try and do melee damage as little as possible as its damage is nothing compared to your range damage. Also, you will keep your starter pet until level 10, when you learn to tame other pets.


How To Fight as a Hunter

This is for people below level 20 so if you don’t have any of these moves yet you will be getting them soon.

Before the fight starts we, at WoW FAQ’s, recommend that you should put Hunter’s Nark on the target. This will cause a large arrow to appear over the targets head and causes you to do more damage. Now you will want to start the fight with Aimed Shot, followed by a Concussive shot.

If you don’t have aimed shot start with Concussive shot. Next you will want to use serpent shot and then arcane shot. After that what you use is up to you to finish the target, but that is the best way to start the fight.

Now you have obviously noticed the red bar at the top of the screen that goes down when you use an attack. This is your Focus, and is what Hunter’s use to fight, just like Mages use Mana and Warriors use Rage.

Some moves like Concussive shot, don’t use any focus, others use a lot. So make sure to keep an eye on that cause if you run out you are going to have to just use normal attacks.

Other Hunter Guides may show different ways for new players to fight and that’s okay there are tons of ways to do it however this is the one i find most helpful.

Now once you get level 10 you can learn to tame a different pet and you also get to use talent points. This is something that a lot of Hunter Guides fail to go ever and it is one of the biggest decisions you make.

There are three talent trees you have to pick from Beast Mastery, Marksmanship, and Survival. Each one has things that help you in different ways.

Beast Mastery allows you to tame rare creatures for your pet and has talents that help your pet and gives you moves to help your pet such as a stronger heal for them. Marksmanship focuses mainly on ranged attacks.

It has talents that make your range attacks cost less focus, do more damage, and other useful rage attacks. Survival focuses on your traps and Melee/Range.

Survival gives toy more traps, and makes them do more damage. It also gives you some small Range bonuses but nothing compared to Marksmanship, it also gives you some melee bonuses.

All of them are good however Marksmanship and Survival are better for PvP (Player vs Player) and Beast Mastery is better suited for Questing and PvE (Player vs Everything).

If you pick one and decide you want to switch you can go to the Hunter trainer who will reset your talents, be careful though this costs one gold and goes up more and more every time.


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