World of Warcraft: Warrior’s PvP Guide – How to Kill a Hunter

THE PROBLEM: Closing the distance.

The thing is hunters start shooting sharp sticks at you from a great distance effectively turning you into a pin cushion before you can even get a swing in. hunters toss traps on the ground to slow you down and can hit you with an assortment of slowing and confusing arrows.

Add a cleverly name pet, “fluffy”, chomping on you and a hunter is dishing out some serious Damage Per Second (DPS) all at a safe distance.

The up side to this is that by the time you do catch them you’re amply frustrated and full of rage, usually both in real life and as a warrior. Channelling the real life rage is crucial as a cool headed warrior will always prevail against a hunter.

If you’re lucky enough to get a charge in before you begin battle kudos to you, it will not happen often so enjoy the moment and introduce your new hunter friend to and then begin showing him why you don’t bring a pointy stick to a warrior fight.

Now for the other 98% of the times you don’t get a charge in…INTERCEPT.

If you have to switch stances do it, in fact for the most part you’ll want to PvP against hunters in your Berserker stance simple because INTERCEPT eliminates one of the two problems you’ll face as a warrior.

If you have intercept your life should be 100% easer, as you’ll be able to close the gap during battle and in some instances you’ll even want to let a hunter think they are running away while you bandage and then intercept for another round of a great game called “Hit the Hunter.”

Any hunter worth his weight in arrows is not going to go toe to toe with you; he wears mail and melee hits like a soft sponge, you have plate and hit like a train. So hunters will try to run, this is inevitable.

Most hunters, once you’ve intercepted them, will drop an ice trap of some sorts.

This is why it is crucial to hamstring or Howl immediately after intercept to reduce his movement speed to match yours after you hit his trap. The other option I like to use is to use fear.

This is effective for two reasons. 1, his pet will run away seriously reducing the DPS your taking and 2, he will run away too, but not far and he’ll not be hitting you while he’s running.

After the initial intercept depending on your spec and gear you’re going to be looking at 20-30 seconds till your next intercept, this is why it is so crucial to hamstring or howl to keep you close to him at all times.

It will usually take anywhere from 10-15 seconds for a good hunter to find a way to get away from you in some way shape or form, if you see your intercept is cooling down let him.

Get some distance between you and him and intercept again, 3 seconds of free “Hit the Hunter” is always good and will generally ensure your victory. It will usually take 1-3 intercept cycles to kill a hunter.

So roughly 10-60 seconds and you should be done.

One last thing. In the even your slippery new hunter friend manages to get away and starts the pin cushion thing again there’s a little thing called LINE OF SIGHT, this basically means if he can’t see you, he can’t hit you.

The World of Warcraft gods have seen fit to add some sense of reality to this situation. So if you need to duck behind a building there is nothing wrong with a tactically retreating warrior.

Wait for intercept to come back into play and then re introduce your hunter friend to your weapon.

A word to the wise from WoW FAQs: NEVER ATTACK A PET. It’s pointless…well there are some rare instances where this may be beneficial, just be sure you are quick about it.


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