Choosing Your Tankadins Libram in World of Warcraft

One of the first things that most Protection Paladins acquire in their quest to become well geared is the Libram of Repentance.

This Libram, available from the original Badge of Justice vendor in Shattrath for 15 Badges, provides approximately 5.3% chance to block when Holy Shield is activated.

For a fresh level 70, this is a huge boost to a Tankadin’s avoidance.

While gearing up to tank bosses in Karazhan and beyond, this is almost a necessity if you want to reach Uncrushable status.

There are, however, times that this Libram becomes less useful.

We, at Wow FAQ’s, thought it would be a good idea to explore a few situations and see whether another Libram would serve you better.


Tanking Karazhan for the First Time

Let’s say that you hit level 70 a week or two ago.

You’ve worked hard to obtain good tanking gear, and your guild is ready to break you in with a run to Karazhan.

After doing your research, you know that your overall avoidance (Block, Dodge, Miss, Parry) needs to be 102.4% or higher to avoid taking Crushing Blows from the bosses.

You add up all the numbers, and without Holy Shield on your avoidance comes out to roughly 67%.

This is a bit low.

If you add on some raid buffs (i.e. Blessing of Kings), you might push it up to 68%. If you use Holy Shield, without any other bonuses, you’ll reach 98% avoidance. Not enough to become uncrushable.

In this situation, you definitely want to use the Libram of Repentance. If you’re tanking a Boss level mob and you need the Libram of Repentance to reach 102.4% avoidance, you don’t even need to think twice. Leave it on and come back when you have better gear.


Tanking Heroic Shattered Halls

You’ve geared up in Karazhan, Gruul’s, and Mag’s. Your group thinks you’re pretty leet.

You enjoy running Heroic Shattered Halls because, well, there’s nothing more fun than Consecrating in the middle of 7 mobs and laughing maniacally as a Warlock lobs in Seed of Corruption.


Do you still need the Libram of Repentance?

Your static avoidance has probably gone up a fair amount.

Let’s say you’re overall avoidance, with Blessing of Kings, is 70%. If you throw up Holy Shield, you’ve reached 100% avoidance. Is this good enough?

To some extent, yes. The 102.4% avoidance goal only applies to Boss Level mobs.

Against a level 70 mob, 100% avoidance means you will block or avoid every attack that comes at you. A level 72 mob (i.e. a Heroic Boss) requires 101.6% to avoid all attacks, but it’s ok if you take one or two regular hits.

Heroic Bosses can’t land crushing blows, so it’s not as devastating to miss a block.

If your avoidance is fairly high (70% or more) and you’re AoE tanking non-Boss mobs (i.e. Heroics, trash in Hyjal, adds on Morogrim or Hydross), you probably don’t need the Libram of Repentance. Go get something that improves your threat generation.


Tanking Something… Bigger

You’ve been through TK and SSC. Vashj and Kael are notches on your mace.

After grabbing some Hyjal and BT gear, you convince your guild to let you main tank a boss in Hyjal. You’re probably doing all the work on the adds, so they might as well let you get some of the glory, too.

At this point, your static avoidance should be pretty high. With full raid buffs (Blessing of Kings, Imp. Mark of the Wild, and a flask or some elixirs), you’ve got 73% avoidance. Throw up Holy Shield and you’ve reached 103%.

Who needs the Libram of Repentance?

At this point, it’s just wasted space. Your Holy Shield will always push Crushing Blows off the table – with or without the Libram – so you might as well find an alternative that grants you better threat generation.


So… What Else Should I Use?

Unfortunately, there are very few Librams that you’ll find useful as a tank.

Here’s a quick guide to some alternatives to the Libram of Repentance.

Depending on the situation, you’ll probably want to choose one of two alternatives.

For AoE tanking, grab the Libram of Eternal Rest from Heroic Sethekk Halls. For Boss tanking and single-target threat, purchase the Libram of Divine Purpose from the badge vendor in Shatt.

And be happy that you’ve got some leet gear that let’s you diversify.


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