Leading and Fighting in ZulAman Part 2: Akil`zon

Akil`zon-Eagle boss
Trash: The Gauntlet


This boss starts with a gauntlet clearing trash event.

You walk into the zone, down the stairs, and to the left. Around the corner there stands upon a hill a lookout mob. You cannot kill him, and once he detects you he will run up towards Akil`zon and start the event.

This lookout can be sapped by a rogue to delay his starting of the event, so that the raiding party can move up and get into a better position to start the event (having everyone move in but hugging the left side to do so) and allowing the tank or whomever is doing the marking if it is not a rogue, to mark up the first DPS targets.

How this gauntlet goes, is there is a series of two mobs all the way up the hill to Akil`zon, and at the top a Tempest mob, which will be constantly spawning waves of dragonhawk adds that will fly down to you (not aggroing the intervening mobs).

On top of the timed loot this gauntlet has to be done quickly so that the dragonhawks don’t slowly drain your mana and overwhelm you.

These dragonhawks will be AoE’d down, only, so healers much make sure that the AoE casters do not die (battle rezzes must be saved for the coming avatar fights if you can manage).

After sapping or moving up past the lookout mob, the MT will aggro the first group of two mobs, with the non-AoE dps taking them down asap.

Some of these mobs may be the casters as stated earlier that drop totems, and these mobs and totems must be killed first (they heal).

As soon as these two mobs are dead the front MT will move on and aggro the next two, the entire raid moving up with him.

At the same time, periodically, two mobs will run up to the raid from behind.

The OT will be aggroing these, and ALL raid members must be further up than the rear OT, as they aggro on the closest person. These two rear mobs are of a unique type, a melee type, which are weaker than the front mobs, but can easily overwhelm a raid when 6+ pileup on one tank, and he can no longer hold them all.

After killing the front two mobs, the DPS will switch to the back mobs, then to the front mobs, then to the back, and so on until reaching the tempest. As soon as the tempest dies, the dragonhawks stop spawning, and reinforcements from behind also cease.

You may then rezz, rebuff, drink, and engage Akil`zon.


The Boss Fight

Akil`zon only requires one MT for this fight, and good raid heals, but is otherwise not a very demanding encounter class/role wise, but includes a modest amount of movement for all raid members but the tank, and melee.

Everyone needs to move up past the stairs on to his platform, or they will be locked out of the event once the boss is aggro’d.

You can edge in and move along the sides of his platform to get spread out before you start. The tank will need a few moments to gain aggro upon engaging, as the melee DPS should ideally have 100% uptime.

He should be tanked directly in the middle, or in one of the corners (a corner is better in theory but I have not tried this yet).

All ranged persons should spread out at medium range from the boss (but not long-range) as there is a chain lightning effect, which will have to be constantly healed off of the melee DPS.

There is also a random effect that will pick up one raid member and drop them for falling damage, but does not happen too often, it hits for 2-4k or so.

And now this is the KEY part of this encounter, you will NEED at least one person with all audio muted but the ambiance on full, as periodically Akil`zon will create a storm, which centers on one person (the eye of the storm) and everywhere other than beneath the effected person, a storm rages and will only take moments to kill those affected.

There will be a shadow beneath the center of the storm that everyone must run to, which is actually larger than it looks safety wise. The most effective tactic to deal with this is to mark one of the melee DPS (I use a star, yay!), who can react quickly in case something goes wrong, so that the melee and tank do not have to move and may maintain DPS and aggro building. Once the ambiance starts (it sounds like a storm) everyone calls out to move in and stands on the marked melee person, you only have a few seconds.

The size of the shadow is enough that the tank shouldn’t have to move if the melee is on the rear of the boss, but should ANYONE not be right there around the boss, the storm might (and seems to usually) select them, forcing the entire raid to move somewhere they are usually unprepared for, and will often kill the raid, so it is UTTERLY COMPLETELY IMPORTANT that everyone moves in when they are supposed to.

Mods like deadlybossmods and bigwigs are NOT accurate after the first storm, so must be called out manually.

The effects can be resisted, but they hit every second, so unless you have cloak of shadows, you cannot effectively survive in the storm for any length of time.

You can see Akil`zon’s casting bar for this effect, so as soon as it is done it should be called for all non-melee to move out, otherwise the chain lightning effect will quickly do what the storm did not (KILL YOU).

Periodically waves of birds will come down and attack the raid, swooping and then returning to the air, so that they may only be dealt with by ranged means.

They don’t have much health, but they act in a semi-buggy way, so aren’t easy to kill. ALL ranged dps must focus on them, using quicker casting spells like scorch, or instant-casts.

They aren’t a big problem, as they only hit a raid member once and move on, but when more birds build up they can quickly overwhelm raid heals on top of the healers other concerns.

We, at WoW FAQ’s, find that this boss kill takes the average ZA raid 5-8 minutes to kill. I encourage people to check out the possible loot before heading there to be able to decide loot quickly before moving on to the next avatar.

The avatars only drop one item each, so the timed chests are an important part of these events. NOTE that the timed chests can be left and looted after all 4 bosses are killed, or the timer is blown, to speed it up.


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