Does Playing World of Warcraft Require and Increase Intelligence?

As you’re probably already aware, World of Warcraft is a very intense video game.

The game play is so expansive, and there is almost nothing that you can’t do.

If you’re on a hunt for the game that challenges you mentally, as well as keeps you entertained and rewards you, World of Warcraft is definitely the answer.

It’s been said that playing World of Warcraft can actually make you “smarter” since it requires so much out of your mental abilities, and isn’t something that someone who is lacking intelligence can’t so easily do great in.

The objectives in World of Warcraft are advances over all other games.The objectives are actually more or less user-enhanced and chosen. The objectives for one player rarely match the objectives of another player.

The objectives include (complied¬†by Wow FAQ’s), but aren’t limited to:


Finishing Quests

There are many different quests in the game.

Completing these quests is a very rewarding experience.

The most quests you complete, the more rewards you get, the more gold you get, and the more experience you get!


Faction Rewards

The better the reputation you have with each faction, the more rewards you can get.

Some people are just as worried about their relationship with the civilizations in the game as they are their actual level gaining, because in the long run the rewards given by these factions are well worth it.



Professions are a very rewarding experience in the game as well. Professions allow the user to gather, build, and create.

Basically, there are tons of different professions, and the higher the level the user obtains in these professions, the more they can do.

In a higher level crafting profession, the user can create much better and more powerful gear. This can even become more profitable for the crafter. In gathering professions, the user can gather more expensive and rare items.

Of course this is much more profitable for the gatherer.

In the secondary professions (fishing, cooking, First aid), the user can learn all of these skills, and many of which are very useful. First Aid allows the user to create and use bandages, and the higher the level, the more health the bandages heal per second.

In cooking, you can make food for yourself to eat and gain health and special effects, as well as keep your pet well-fed. Fishing is a gathering skill that will allow you to get resources for cooking, potions, etc. and your ability to catch fish increases with level.



Dungeons, or “instances”, are portals to another part of the game where users are expected to gather up and accomplish many goals together.

There are often quests located inside the dungeon. Another main objective of running instances together with friends is the fact that you can get really good equips through this method — Much better than you would find in your average “mobs” outside the instance.



Their is definitely a huge social aspect behind the game. If you don’t have any friends, you’re going to have a hard time not making friends.

You’re going to love grouping up and playing with other players, and it’s definitely necessary at many points over the course of the game.

Do all of these objectives really cause the user to gain in intelligence while playing?

It’s possible.

Any stimulation in the brain which is held constant over long periods of time can definitely be rewarding to the brain.

World of Warcraft stimulates the brain through these methods, therefore, it’s possible that this game can “make you smarter.”.

The game is definitely one of the best games I’ve played for purpose, and for entertainment.

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