World of Warcraft: Creating a Successful Guild

Creating a guild in World of Warcraft is fairly easy. You go to the Guildmaster NPC at your nearest WoW major city, get nine players to sign your guild charter, turn that completed charter into any Guildmaster NPC with the appropriate payment of gold and you are...

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Leading and Fighting in ZulAman Part 2: Akil`zon

Akil`zon-Eagle boss Trash: The Gauntlet   This boss starts with a gauntlet clearing trash event. You walk into the zone, down the stairs, and to the left. Around the corner there stands upon a hill a lookout mob. You cannot kill him, and once he detects you he...

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Choosing Your Tankadins Libram in World of Warcraft

One of the first things that most Protection Paladins acquire in their quest to become well geared is the Libram of Repentance. This Libram, available from the original Badge of Justice vendor in Shattrath for 15 Badges, provides approximately 5.3% chance to block...

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World of Warcraft & Hot Pockets: A Retrospective Look

This is an anonymous submission to Wow FAQ’s Logging in, I find myself staring at my level 85 dwarf paladin, Bloodmace. His glorious, shining armor and massive hammer stare back, a testament to years spent without the warm embrace of a woman. He is a beacon of...

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Beginner’s Guide to Being a Hunter on WoW

When making your character on World of Warcraft (WoW), there are ten classes to choose from, one of them being the hunter. On the Horde side, Orcs, Trolls, Taurens, Goblins, Blood Elves, and Undead can all be Hunters, on the Alliance side, Humans, Night Elves,...

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World of Warcraft, and the MMOs that Came After

From day one I was hooked. World of Warcraft has everything I want in a game; an immersive world to explore with few obstacles and a support team that actually adds content to the game every few months. It turns out that I was very fortunate that World of Warcraft was...

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